No Gimmicks or Hype... Just good folks doing quality tattoos.

That about says it all...

Rites of Passage was established in Saskatoon, 1999. As a tattoo-only shop, we have no piercing available. We have minimum tattoo cost of $90 for any tattoo under a half hour, and rates continue at  $150 an hour. We sometimes can quote a flat rate for certain tattoos. Walk-ins are welcome, providing we have space open, appointments are preferred. Our hours range from 10 am to 9 pm. We are located at 634 10th St E, which is one block east of Broadway Ave in Saskatoon. For further info, please take a look at our artist portfolios, or email one of us through the contact page. Our phone number is (306) 956-8282, don't hesitate to call!

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Recent News

Winter is here, and Danny is back!

For those of you that have missed Danny's black and grey tattoo stylings, maybe his low hanging pants, he is now back from Regina and tattooing at our shop again!

Stop by sometime to say hi, book an appointment for a Tom of Finland back piece, or maybe bring him a belt to  stop his pants from hanging past his ass! He will appreciate your concern!